Exquisite Evening of Royal Cuisine and Artistry at The Claridges

Gourmet Planet, a dedicated community of culinary connoisseurs, orchestrated a splendid Royal Dinner at The Claridges New Delhi, redefining the very essence of a regal dining experience.

The event, graced by an elite gathering of food aficionados, paid homage to the rich tapestry of Indian gastronomy with a focus on Royal Cuisine. The grand occasion featured the culinary prowess of Shri Raghuvendra Pratap Singh Ji, who showcased the opulent flavors of Jhalamand Garh, and Smt. Archana Singh Badnore, who masterfully curated the Royal Cuisine of Awadh. Diners were transported to an era of grandeur as the exquisite decor exuded a true sense of royalty.

Beautifully candlelit tables adorned with exquisite silverware created an ambiance reminiscent of the majestic dining halls of the past. Guests reveled in the atmosphere, where every detail was meticulously crafted to deliver an authentic Royal experience. The evening was further elevated by the soul-stirring performances of traditional Qawali artists, serenading the audience with their melodious renditions. Additionally, the folk artists from Rajasthan transported guests to a different world with their captivating traditional folk songs.

The event exemplified Gourmet Planet's commitment to celebrating culinary diversity and elevating dining experiences to an art form. It was a night that not only satisfied the palates of those in attendance but also enriched their souls with the magic of Royal traditions.