Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa

Khasra no. 192, 193 KA&194 - Village - Lalwala Mazbata, Bandarjudh, Tehsil - Bhagwanpur, Uttarakhand - 247662
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Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa is an Endangered Species - The Only One of its Kind!

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, retreat to the depths of nature at Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa. Sharing a boundary with the buffer zone of Rajaji National Park - a recently notified Tiger Reserve, guests at our luxury retreat in Uttarakhand can experience a customised safari at the National Park, take in the beauty of flora and fauna and catch a glimpse of some of the magnificent cats found in the country. Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa is surrounded by beautiful mustard fields, mango orchards and wildlife offering a symbiosis of nature that one can explore and celebrate.

A Beautiful Blend of Thrill and Luxury at Our Accommodations

Step into the world of lushness at Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa! Our splendid retreat in Haridwar boasts generously appointed tent accommodations. We promise an extraordinary stay that celebrates the blend of luxury, comfort and the natural world. Surrounded by serene landscapes and equipped with lavish amenities, our retreat is meticulously tailored to create lasting, cherished experiences. Every aspect of your visit is carefully crafted to ensure a journey of unforgettable luxury and enchantment.

 front view of a bedroom with a bed with a canopy with white covers, with a desk and table on either side - Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa, Bhagwanpur
a long dinner table with candles and utensils - Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa

Lush and Luxurious Dining at Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa

At Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa, we're thrilled about our mouth-watering, diverse menu that's sure to satisfy every palate. Love Indian food? Crave international dishes? Following a special diet? No worries! Our skilled chefs are all about whipping up delicious meals that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Tucked away in the peaceful Aalia Jungle, our restaurant is a true haven for connosieurs. Here, you can connect, share stories and enjoy amazing food in peace. Come join us and turn mealtime into memory time!

An Ensemble of Experiences at Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa

Nestled amidst scenic mustard fields, verdant mango orchards and a lively wildlife habitat, our luxury resort, just an hour's drive from Dehradun, offers a captivating blend of nature's wonders waiting to be explored and appreciated.

a woman in the spa getting her back massaged - Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa, Bhagwanpur

Soothing Spa Symphony

Unwind and rejuvenate at Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa, where our spa therapists work wonders for your mind and soul. Let our skilled therapists guide you through relaxing, holistic treatments, enhancing your well-being in a serene environment that encourages self-discovery and renewal.

horse riding around bushes and trees - Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa, Bhagwanpur

Enthralling Equestrian Escapades

Discover the thrill of horse riding at Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa. Our majestic horses are ready to accompany you on an unforgettable journey. Perfect for families or groups, this bonding activity promises joy, excitement, and lasting memories amidst the natural beauty of our retreat.

distant shot of people on a jeep on jungle safari - Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa, Bhagwanpur

Sensational Safari Spectacles

Embark on a personalised safari adventure at Rajaji National Park with Aalia Jungle. We offer bespoke experiences, whether you're a birdwatching enthusiast, a wildlife photographer, or simply seeking to immerse in the park's serene natural beauty. Join us for a journey that caters to your unique interests and passions.

Explore Nearby Attractions

Aalia Jungle Retreat and Spa in Haridwar is ideally located close to major tourist spots like Rishikesh, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and Rajaji National Park. It's also near key Dehradun attractions such as the Forest Research Institute Museum, Subir Raha Oil Museum (ONGC Museum), Zonal Anthropological Museum, Mindrolling Monastery, The World Peace Stupa, Robber’s Cave and Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple.