The Claridges New Delhi, celebrated for its robust presence in food and beverage offerings is delighted to announce the grand reopening of Jade, the distinguished fine dining restaurant that has been a cherished part of the hotel’s legacy. Situated in the heart of Delhi, the hotel has earned acclaim for offering a spectrum of diverse cuisines and culinary experiences through its seven distinctive restaurants and bars.

Jade is renowned for its delectable Oriental cuisine, serving up authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian Chinese-Cantonese delicacies from the East. This relaunch marks a momentous occasion, inviting patrons to once again experience the culinary brilliance offered by Jade. As its name suggests, the restaurant has been a gem at The Claridges New Delhi, serving up a gastronomic journey of culinary excellence, where tradition meets innovation, and every detail contributes to a memorable dining experience.

Promising to set a new benchmark by balancing classic tastes with modern style, Jade will offer a perfect sensory dining experience that narrates a tale of rich culinary traditions with opulent aesthetics.

Jade: A Magnificent Transformation Unveiled

Jade, has undergone a magnificent transformation with various meticulously designed elements that seamlessly blend to create a setting that echoes the vibrancy of the East. The revamped restaurant now can host up to around 90 guests, versus the former seating capacity of 45 guests. Opening its doors to everyone, Jade promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Alongside the expanded capacity, a tastefully curated new menu awaits, featuring an array of palate-pleasing culinary delights.

At Jade, innovation means preserving the heart of traditional tastes through subtle modifications. The expert culinary team has skilfully maintained a delicate balance between traditional and contemporary elements, showcasing their creativity and deep appreciation for the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine.